Certified Translation Services in London

Certified translation services offered by London Translation Services, a division of Translator UK

Certified Translation Services in London

A certified translation from any language into English for use in the United Kingdom is a translation that has been performed by an accredited translator and then signed, dated, and often stamped citing that the translator or translation company attests to the accuracy of the translation and outlines their contact information, qualifications, accreditations etc. This is clearly detailed on the government website: Gov.UK.

Documents that generally require a certified translation are: birth certificates, marriage certificates, wills, qualifications degrees / diplomas / certificates, power of attorney documents, court documents, letters / documents to be used in court, etc.

Is a Certified Translation an Official Translation?

Yes, within the United Kingdom a document that has gone through the process of certified translation from any other language into English is considered (by all government bodies within the UK) to be an official translation.

Some recent certified translation projects carried out by London Translation Services from other languages into English are as follows:

Is a certified translation from English into another language an official translation?

In some countries yes, in some countries no. Each country has their own criteria for defining an "official translation". In many countries, any translation agency or qualified accredited individual translator can produce a certified translation (as in the UK, with an attestation or affidavit of accuracy); however this may not be accepted for all purposes (e.g. immigration, passport name change, change of citizenship, etc.). Often the translation itself must be performed by a court-registered translator (this is the case in France for example) or one that is registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (as is the case in Spain). Furthermore, some countries require the translation to be notarised and/or include an Apostille (In the UK, the Apostille is issued by the FCO). Therefore, when you have been told that you require an official or certified translation into other languages, it is imperative that, when requesting a quotation, you indicate which country the document will be used in.

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Common Certified Translation Language Pairs

Below you will find a list of the most frequent language combinations that London Translation Services has completed certified translations of within the past few months:

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