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Details of the full suite of transcription services offered by London Translation Services.


What is transcription?

Transcription is the process of converting spoken words into writing i.e. the linguist listens to the audio file and types out what is being said.

It should not be confused with translation, which is the representation of meaning of a source language into a target language.

Here at London Translation Services; as of 2019, we are now offering high-quality transcription services at competitive rates. All transcription work is carried out by native, university-qualified linguists. There are a few options with this service:

  1. Single language transcription: Our linguists listen to the audio file and type what is being said within.
  2. Transcription and subsequent translation: Our linguists listen to the audio file and type out the content. Afterwards, the written text is translated from the source language into the target language.
  3. Direct translation: Our linguists will listen to the audio file in one language and directly translate the content to the target language.

What is the pricing of transcription based on?

Transcription is charged on a per-minute basis, starting from 5 GBP plus VAT per minute. Of course, the rates really depend on the quality of the audio file and how clear / fast the person in the file speaks. It is best to send the file for our consideration so that we can quote appropriately.

Common Transcription languages

On a monthly basis, London Translation Services handles transcription services from hundreds of different languages, our most popular languages of transcription services are detailed below:

Other translation services related to transcription provided by London Translation Services

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Transcription Reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

In the past year, London Translation Services has been working with many clients providing transcription services and we have received 715 reviews across various review-channels their work. As of the 1st of Jul, 2024, the overall rating for our transcription services was 4.4 out of 5 stars. If you have used our transcription services and would like to leave a review for other would-be clients to see, please see: Review London Translation Services.