Sworn Translation Services in London

Sworn translation services offered by London Translation Services, a division of Translator UK

Sworn Translation Services in London

Sworn translation services provided by London Translation Services are offered to individual and corporate clients alike. Our services span the entire globe when it comes to providing sworn translations.

What is a sworn translation?

In general terms a sworn translation consists of the following three parts:

  1. The source text
  2. The target text
  3. A statement from the translator or translation company verifying that it is a true and exact translation of the document provided. Depending on the country / target language, this may be done by an official sworn translator (such as in France, Spain etc.) or by a translation company and then brought before a Notary to have the signature verified.

What is a sworn translator?

Unlike several other countries, in the United Kingdom there is no licensing or certification system for translators. Therefore the above process must take place if a sworn translation is required. In other countries however there are systems in place, so that if you require, for example, an English to French sworn translation our official French court-sworn translator can do the job without further certification / notarisation needed.

95% of the time our official translations, certified to UK standards and signed and stamped as a true and exact translation of the source text, are perfectly valid for official use. If the entity specifically requests notarisation or apostille (legalisation) we can also offer this service.

For sworn translation services in London, or in the United Kingdom, please email through your documents (preferably in text format, such as Microsoft Word) to our team and we will revert with a quotation immediately.

Further information about our translators and the specific qualifications of our translators that perform sworn translations can be obtained by contacting us: Enquire about sworn translation services

Free sworn translation quotation service

Do you require sworn translation services? You will be pleased to know that London Translation Services will provide you with a free, no-commitment quotation at your request.

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