Software Localisation Services in London

Software localisation services provided by university-qualified translators experienced in software localisation via London Translation Services.

Do you have software that you need translated? London Translation Services can handle all types of software localisation into hundreds of languages, all done by professional translators. London Translation Services, as part of Translator UK, has been working with many university-qualified translators since 2010.

London Translation Services provides free quotations for all software localisations - no matter how big or small the work. Each quotation is prepared by a dedicated project manager, and they are available to answer any questions regarding your software localisation.

More about software localisation services

The process of software localisation requires a team of IT professionals working in tandem with professional translators experienced in the formatting, terminology and methodologies involved in software development.

Similar to translating a website, yet far more comprehensive and detailed, software localisation involves using the latest technology available and working with your IT department in order to ensure that the resulting software versions are compliant with your own protocols and will seamlessly integrate within your existing application. Years of experience in software localisation has made London Translator an industry leader in this dominion.

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Software Localisation Services Reviews

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In the past year, London Translation Services has been working with many clients providing software localisation services and we have received 187 reviews across various review-channels for the translator's work. As of the 1st of Jul, 2024, the overall rating for our software localisation services was 4.4 out of 5 stars. If you have used our software localisation services and would like to leave a review for other would-be clients to see, please see: Review London Translation Services.