Free Quotation by London Translation Services

Free, no-commitment quotation services offered for all translation projects by London Translation Services

Free Quotation by London Translation Services

As no two translation projects are the same, we stay away from providing standardised pricing for our clients. We always request that our clients send us through the complete documents, ready to be translated prior to giving a final price.

By ensuring this is done with each and every quotation - we are able to assess whether or not it is a technical translation, standard translation, or a document requiring a certified (or sworn) translation which can have a dramatic impact on the overall cost.

How to Request a Quotation

In order for our project managers to be able to provide you with a detailed quotation, we ask that you email us your documents with the following information:

  1. Your full contact details
  2. The language that the documents are presently written in
  3. The language (or languages) you would like them to be translated into
  4. An indication of the format you would like the documents returned to you in (e.g. including formatting, MS Word)
  5. The time frame (in business days) that you would ideally like the translation completed

See below to reach our contact page which includes a contact form that you may use if you do not presently have access to your email.

Free Translation Quotation by London Translation Services

Although our translation quotations are always free for individual and corporate customers alike, you may wish to see example pricing for our suite of basic translation services as detailed below: London Translation Prices

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