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As a professional Spanish translation agency in London, we provide clients in London and throughout the United Kingdom with Spanish translation services of excellent quality at competitive prices. We ensure that all our translations are only done by university-qualified Spanish translators with proven experience in the subject matter of the original document. At your request, we will return your document back to you in exactly the same format you gave it to us in. This means you will have an accurate Spanish translation that you can use straight away without any additional cost or time wasted typesetting.

Common Language Pairs including Spanish

Specialising in many different language combinations including Spanish, these are the 3 most common types of translation we have worked in lately:

London Translation Services is the Spanish translation agency you can trust with all your Spanish translation needs. No matter how big or small your project.

We can also provide for official use in almost any country including legalised Spanish certified translations and sworn translations. London Translation Services Certified Translation Service GBP 45 2020-12-31

One of the great advantages to using a professional translation agency in London is that London Translation Services is pleased to provide you with a 100% free quotation service for your Spanish translation projects.

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London Spanish Translators

Spanish translators based in and around London with the experience and qualifications to get the job done right, first time round.

All the Spanish translators in London that we work with have been thoroughly vetted and have at a bare minimum the following credentials:

At the request of our client, supporting documentation of the translator's qualifications can be forwarded once the project has commenced.

Note that in the case of high-volume or specialised Spanish translation projects, we always recommend that the client works directly with the Spanish translator (or translators) in conjunction with one of our project managers.

Don't settle for anything but professional quality translation.

To ensure quality, for standard translation services into Spanish, each translator never exceeds 2,500 words per day. In the case of technical translations from or into Spanish, even less. This is the only way to ensure the translator is not rushed, and will take the time necessary to complete the project to perfection. If our client has an urgent assignment whereby more than 2,500 words need to be translated in one day, we will assign the job to two (or more depending on the volume) translators to work alongside each other.

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Want to learn more about Spanish?

Facts about the Spanish Language

The Spanish language is a Romance language. It is also called Castilian. It is the most romantic language on earth.

Around the world, you will find hundreds of millions of native speakers. It is the world’s 2nd most spoken native language. Spanish is the official language in 31 countries. In the year 2000, Spanish was spoken by 43% of the population of Belize but had no official recognition.

Spanish is spoken more in the world than English and it’s the 2nd most studied language in the world.

Spanish Culture

58 million tourists go to Spain every year. Spain is the 4th most visited country in the world. There are renowned festivals in Spain.

The official name of Spain is Kingdom of Spain.

Spanish was the world’s only democratic language before the 18th century.

Flamenco is a musical style, not a dance, even though it sometimes involves dancing.

Spanish Writing

The modern vocabulary is derived from Latin, but ancient Greek also contributed substantially to their vocabulary while 8% is Arabic in origin.

The Spanish language is poetic and has long sentences. Because the Spanish language is detailed and poetic, your text will expand when you translate it from another language.

The first Spanish documents are from the 9th century. It was in the city of Toledo that the written standard of Spanish was first developed.

355 words with all 5 vowels were compiled by Amparo Atehortua, a woman from Medellin.

The letters k and w are used only in words and names coming from foreign languages (kilo, kiwi).

The longest Spanish word has 30 letters in it.

Famous Spanish People

  • Voted in 2002 by a panel of 100 authors as the most meaningful book of all times is the novel “Don Quixote” written by Miguel Cervantes in 1605.
  • Some of the most famous Spanish artists are Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Antoni Gaudi and Salvador Dali.
  • Eleven Literature Nobel prizes were won by Spanish people.

Did you know?

The national anthem of Spain has no words.

45% of all olive oil in the world is from Spain.

Spanish is the easiest language to learn. Some experts say it takes 24 weeks to achieve professional proficiency in Spanish.

In the last 15 years, the Spanish language has grown by a rate of 1,312.4%.

The United States will become the largest Spanish speaking country by 2050.

Looking for a Career as a Spanish Translator in London or elsewhere in the UK?

If you are a qualified Spanish translator that has the above-mentioned credentials and are not yet registered with us, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please note that even if you are freelancing for other Spanish translation agencies in London, as long as you have not signed an exclusivity or non-compete agreement with them, you may still work with us; simply email your CV and references to and our HR department will be in touch with you shortly thereafter if interested. +442030923634 Translation Agency London - London Translation Services Limited London Translation Services Ltd.