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As a professional Chinese translation agency in London, we provide clients in London and throughout the United Kingdom with Chinese translation services of excellent quality at competitive prices. We ensure that all our translations are only done by university-qualified Chinese translators with proven experience in the subject matter of the original document. At your request, we will return your document back to you in exactly the same format you gave it to us in. This means you will have an accurate Chinese translation that you can use straight away without any additional cost or time wasted typesetting.

Common Language Pairs including Chinese

Specialising in many different language combinations including Chinese, these are the 3 most common types of translation we have worked in lately:

London Translation Services is the Chinese translation agency you can trust with all your Chinese translation needs. No matter how big or small your project.

We can also provide for official use in almost any country including legalised Chinese certified translations and sworn translations. London Translation Services Certified Translation Service GBP 45 2020-12-31

One of the great advantages to using a professional translation agency in London is that London Translation Services is pleased to provide you with a 100% free quotation service for your Chinese translation projects.

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London Chinese Translators

Chinese translators based in and around London with the experience and qualifications to get the job done right, first time round.

All the Chinese translators in London that we work with have been thoroughly vetted and have at a bare minimum the following credentials:

At the request of our client, supporting documentation of the translator's qualifications can be forwarded once the project has commenced.

Note that in the case of high-volume or specialised Chinese translation projects, we always recommend that the client works directly with the Chinese translator (or translators) in conjunction with one of our project managers.

Don't settle for anything but professional quality translation.

To ensure quality, for standard translation services into Chinese, each translator never exceeds 2,500 words per day. In the case of technical translations from or into Chinese, even less. This is the only way to ensure the translator is not rushed, and will take the time necessary to complete the project to perfection. If our client has an urgent assignment whereby more than 2,500 words need to be translated in one day, we will assign the job to two (or more depending on the volume) translators to work alongside each other.

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By phone: +44 203 092 3634

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Want to learn more about Chinese?

Facts about the Chinese Language

The Chinese language is a branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family. 16% of the world’s population speak some form of Chinese as their first language, that’s approximately 1.2 billion people.

It is during the Shang dynasty that the earliest written records can be traced, at around 1,250 BCE.

The Standard Chinese language is the official language of China and Taiwan and it is one of the four official languages of Singapore. It has earned itself great status in the world.

Modern Standard Chinese pronunciation is based on the Beijing dialect which is of the Northern or Mandarin type. It includes about 1,300 different syllables.

Chinese Culture

Religion plays a big part in the Chinese culture. In China, we find such religions as Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Protestantism. All other religions are illegal in China.

Sculptures and paintings depict spiritual figures of Buddhism. The musical instruments, the flute-like xun and the guqin are an integral part of the Chinese culture.

Martial arts were developed in China and this is where kung fu was created.

The main styles of cooking include stir-fried dishes and Szechuan. Rice is a major food source which also helped the Chinese society grow. Tofu is the main source of protein for the Chinese.

Chinese Writing

The spoken and written Chinese have evolved differently. The spoken varieties have done so more rapidly than the written Chinese. Local varieties of Chinese are classified in seven dialects: Mandarin, Wu, Gan, Xiang, Min, Hakka and Yue.

There are many more Chinese words than characters. 13,000 head characters that define 70,000 words.

The Chinese orthography is written with imaginary square blocks, traditionally arranged in vertical columns, read from top to bottom, down a column, and right to left across columns.

Famous Chinese People

Among the famous Chinese people, we find Mao Zedong (communist leader), Confucius (Chinese teacher, politician and philosopher), Bruce Lee (actor, martial arts), Yao Ming (Basketball player), and Kris Wu (actor and singer).

Did you know?

  • Most people think that China is the biggest country in the world, but it is not. Russia is almost 2 times bigger and Canada and the United States are also bigger than China.
  • In the whole world, 14% of people speak Chinese.
  • In the Chinese army, there are more than 2 million soldiers.
  • Every single panda in the world belongs to China.
  • The Great Wall of China is 8,850 km long, yet we cannot see it from space.
  • Because of their large population, traffic jams are a big headache for people. But, if you are stuck in a traffic jam and you are late for a meeting, you call the bottleneck rescuers and two guys will come on a motorbike to help you. One of them will take you on his bike where you want to go while the other will take your place in your car.
Looking for a Career as a Chinese Translator in London or elsewhere in the UK?

If you are a qualified Chinese translator that has the above-mentioned credentials and are not yet registered with us, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please note that even if you are freelancing for other Chinese translation agencies in London, as long as you have not signed an exclusivity or non-compete agreement with them, you may still work with us; simply email your CV and references to and our HR department will be in touch with you shortly thereafter if interested.

Recent Chinese Language Pairs

In the past months, we have handled translation to/from the following language pairs: +442030923634 Translation Agency London - London Translation Services Limited London Translation Services Ltd.